Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 Inspiration - Sip, Taste, Paint - Repeat!

We've been enjoying some of our own "March Madness" at the gallery in 2011 - and it's been great fun! We're getting ready to add some unique opportunities at the gallery this spring and have been testing the waters with some wonderful groups of aspiring and inspiring "artists."

This past Friday evening, 7 women and one 3-year-old gathered for our "Sip, Taste, Paint, Repeat" - with spring flowers as our theme. Our "Inspiration Wall" provided just that - ideas and reference to help us get started. The group enjoyed four "courses" - each a step of building the painting, as well as tasting a new wine and a food pairing. Part of our inspiration DID come from watching the 3-year-old - because she painted so freely and without an inner censor. We loved what she reminded all of us to do too.

Watch for opportunities to participate in upcoming "Sip, Taste, Paint, Repeat" Parties - these are great for a girls' night out, a corporate retreat, a childrens' birthday party, or any group who enjoys exercising their right brain a bit. The process is true and tried, and the sip and taste are simply icing on the creative cake!